A Photography Exhibition - Diverse Visions - 2015

Poem By Dr. P.S Venkateswaran

The world is active

With people ever so busy doing their chores

Good or bad I do not know

But as I wander into a different world

Where kindred souls

Show their skills in capturing

Lovely nature, the mighty hills

The graceful birds some in majestic flight

The mortals that we are in different avocations

Framed so beautifully

For a moment the vicissitudes of life are

Forgotten I thank all six of you

For the enthralling show you put up

Enabling me

To savour and enjoy the rare bliss in solitude.

Photos by K. Srinivasan

Absolutely true sir. Awesome show at Lalit Kala Academy by our great PSM team. When i came out I had the feeling of virtually visiting Everest, Chennai city, Tanzania, Antartica!!!!! Brilliant photographs- feast to all eyes....hats off to the wonderful photographers.

Best regards

K Srinivasan

Email from Asokan VS to the PSM Group

Dear Friends

I attended the inaugural function; the hall was jampacked with inquisitive eyes and art lovers; it was an experience which will remain with you for many days to come.

I have visited many exhibitions at LKA and elsewhere in the past; but this one by our PSM friends, Chidambaram, Jayanand, Ramanan, Ramesh, Sridhar Rao and Sriram  is unique in many ways, especially because because of its diverse vision and visual exuberance.

From the lofty mountains, through the forests of Africa and the endearing street life of 'Namma Chennai' & elsewhere, and everything and anything in between, our SIX PSM FRIENDS, banking on their visual sense and technical expertise have created images of exquisite beauty ; looking through them itself is an elevating and spiritual experience. in another sense.

It is equally a tribute to the 'joyous diversity of our planet' and the pulsating life we lead under this big canopy. it is inspiring and equally motivating especially to those young minds still on the fence with regard to choosing PHOTOGRAPHY as a creative hobby or as a profession in their later life.

So, don't miss to visit lka; it is an experience of a life time.

Good luck to all

Asokan Vaikkattil 12 sept 2015

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